Be A Creator


I have been inspired by lots of people recently. I feel so lucky and became extremely energetic.

The first and the most important person who inspired me is Leanne Shea Langdown from Achieve Beyond. She is a mum, a blogger of Deepfriedfruit, a coach and the founder of CheerChickCharlie. Since I came to Australia I have been struggling to find my career path again, to figure out how to put together my eight-years work experience in event management, two years study in MBA and Master of Marketing Management, over a year of website and mobile application design and development management, one year intensive practice in social media marketing and of course my passion about photography. After I joined Leanne’s workshop, co-organised by Canberra Business Point, I suddenly realised how my hats can come together. Immediately after I came back from the workshop, I re-organised my day-to-day time table like what Leanne did, and set up my goal as “help the marketing efforts by leveraging aesthetics and advanced social media strategies to create brand appeal”. At that time, I had a strong desire to help CheerChickCharlie to “achieve beyond”.

However, that was just a vision. I still didn’t exactly know how I can help Charlie, although I did know all my skills can be useful for Charlie. Then I had a chat with another friend Aj, a film maker, and told him what’s in my mind right before the Canberra Business Award night. He simply said: told Leanne what you just told me. So I did. I didn’t know where my courage and energy came from but I just did it. It wasn’t like the me before but I approached Leanne so naturally. I’ve networking a lot during the past two months, and I suddenly became a great networker. Maybe this is something in my blood.

The night in Canberra Business Point Award, I was wondering all the time why I didn’t see many Asian faces, especially Chinese, although I know they are good at businesses. I thought they are just not used to “networking” because of the subtle “cultural factor” behind. But just like the others, I believe they have a strong desire of success. So when I came back that night, I had a new vision of “helping new businesses, especially businesses from an Asian background to get on that stage”. I put this on my Facebook page and later I told my friend Henrike Schreer about this. She just started her new business Phoenix Evolutioneering with a mission of helping new arrivals and expats in Canberra to establish their life and career, and to achieve excellence. We were so delightful that we are sharing a common goal and can always work together to accomplish our mission.

Marketing is also my passion, especially social media marketing. I knew it, but it’s such a broad arena and I have to find my real passion. The forth person I talked to is a new friend Luke Taylor. He is a mechanician also a electrician (correct me Luke if I am wrong). Meanwhile, he’s a very creative person. He makes jewellery, paint, and lots of other stuff that surprises me (although he’s very shy so not many people know the “real him”). I said I always feel very excited when I’m doing something new and less motivated when I am “maintaining” something very established. He simply concluded that I am a “creator”.

Here we go, my vision is now becoming “helping start-ups, especially businesses with an Asian background, to achieve superiority” – of course, start-ups need marketing/social media marketing, events, photography and networking – the hats I am wearing. Simple, right? I will write a business plan and kick off this very soon!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Leanne, as the first person who inspired me. Without you, I won’t discover my energy, my real passion and have the courage to start my adventure. Thank you for all other friends, who have been with me in this journey. I feel so lucky to have you in my life and I hope to walk with you along the path.